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An Introduction to Hemorrhoids

People from every single country experience the pain and discomfort that is associated with hemorrhoids. We all hear about hemorrhoids, but what are they really? Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are a condition of the skin that can occur in people of any age. The condition unfortunately presents itself in a very inconvenient location, the rectum and anus.


Other symptoms of hemorrhoids include swelling, inflammation, itching, burning, pain, and sometimes bleeding. Typically, hemorrhoids occur in people over the age of 50 who live in developed areas of the world. However, this condition can happen to anyone regardless of age, ethnicity or background.

The medical term, hemorrhoid, refers directly to the tissue of the rectum and the anus. This tissue, connected to the cushion around the general area, is very sensitive and has a large amount of veins and blood flow. Sometimes the veins swell and the condition is known as a hemorrhoid. There are several treatments available for this condition, including creams, oils, and sometimes surgery, known as a hemorrhoidectomy.

The Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

Understanding hemorrhoid symptoms is necessary in order to treat them early and to overcome them.

By being familiar with the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids, you will know when to consult a doctor to determine what type of relief works best for your particular situation. This will let you make the decision necessary to begin treatment today.Hemorrhoid Treatments

  • Swollen, painful veins in the rectal and anal areas. These veins can cause pain, itching and irritation.
  • Severe cases can cause bleeding, and some hemorrhoids are considered internal, so you may not notice the blood until you use the bathroom.
  • A hard lump or swelling near the anal area can be the first symptom of external hemorrhoids.
  • Blood clots in the hemorrhoidal tissue can be a sign of thrombosed external hemorrhoids. This type of hemorrhoid may require surgery.

Why do People get Hemorrhoids?

Medical studies show that several causes are associated with the development of hemorrhoids. The main cause is increased pressure on the tissue in the rectum and anus that occurs over an extended period of time. That’s the main reason that people over 50 experience a higher number of incidences than those around the age of 20. There are other reasons that someone may develop hemorrhoids. For example, digestive problems, diarrhea, and constipation can lead to the  development of the condition.

It is very common for those who have a low intake of dietary fiber to develop this condition. Factors like obesity can have a very great effect on the development of hemorrhoids as well. Other common factors in the development of hemorrhoids include pregnancy, hypertension, and other health factors that increase pressure on or affect the digestive tract.

Getting Rid of Hemorrhoids

If you are looking for a cure for hemorrhoids, advice, or a more advanced treatment, talk to your doctor before making a decision. There are many fast and very effective treatments available at affordable costs.

For symptomatic relief, topical treatment medications are great for relieving swelling, itching, and burning. If you have recently suffered from increased weight, eat a poor diet, or sit on hard surfaces on a regular basis, you may constantly battle hemorrhoids. If you can gain control of these problems, you will greatly decrease your chances of developing a repeat occurrence.

Tips For Long-Term Relief

  • Hemorrhoid TreatmentsEat a diet high in fiber. Increase your vegetable intake and eat a larger number of fruits as well. Include whole-wheat products in your diet. Another way to increase fiber intake is to add supplements that contain psyllium.
  • Try treatments that contain these herbal extracts:  horse-chestnut extract, witch hazel extract, butcher’s broom extract, and bilberry extract. Every one of these herbs can aid in hemorrhoid relief.
  • Use all-natural hemorrhoid treatments that blend science and nature.

If your hemorrhoid problems are ongoing, visit the doctor to determine whether further intervention is necessary.

Sometimes, other problems can lead to the development of hemorrhoids. Persistent problems with hemorrhoids can be a cause of concern for other health problems, like rectal cancer, anal fissures or anal abscesses. Typically, hemorrhoids are not serious, but if they do not go away after trying a few treatments, consult a doctor for a professional opinion.