Kaiser Permanente Prep-Hem is a suppository for the relief of pain and discomfort brought about by hemorrhoids.

When inserted in the rectum, its sympathomimetic traits work by narrowing the swollen blood vessels thereby lessening the burning sensation.

The product is to be used only as a suppository and is not to be swallowed as it may cause overdose.

Kaiser Permanente Prep-Hem – What It Really Contains

Kaiser Permanente Prep-Hem contains the following active ingredients:

  • Zinc oxide
  • Shark liver oil
  • Phenylephrine hydrochloride

There is no information of how much each ingredient consists in one suppository.


Generally, the product can be used up to 4 times a day. It is to be used after each bowel movement, or once in the morning and once at night. However, a physician might advice otherwise depending on the patient’s need.

Using the Kaiser Permanente Prep-Hem suppository follows strict direction for use. Prior to inserting the product in the rectum, make sure to check and understand the directions.

Possible Side Effects

Allergic reaction to this product is extremely rare. There are some reported side effects but they are considered mild. If the rectal area has acquired open wounds, the patient might experience a burning sensation. If using the product has no effects or if the condition worsens, it is best to seek help from a professional.

Other reported side effects include:

  • Tremors
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Sleeping trouble
  • Nervousness
  • Headache
  • Breathing trouble
  • Dizziness
  • Skin rash

How Much Is Kaiser Permanente Prep-Hem?

A box of Prep-Hem containing 24 suppositories costs $12.36, although it can be bought per piece at $0.52. The price can be lowered if the store where the product is bought offers special codes.


It is hard to find a money-back guarantee info concerning the product. Also, there is little info with regards where the product can be safely bought.


The product is still available, which means people are still buying it. However, the lack of proper information online may turn off some customers.

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