It is very much true that skin problems and skin irritations are not only just your ordinary skin infection; it may also be the very reason for your discomfort and stress. Now, it should not always be like this as there is a great solution in order to alleviate such a condition. In this case, it is so much better that one must find a great solution even without ever having to go to a dermatologist.

With the help of the Proctocream HC, one would be able to finally enjoy a soothing solution for your potentially embarrassing problem. Proctocream HC is a hydrocortisone cream which is considered to be a synthetic steroid that will help you with a lot of external skin conditions.

Ingredients In Proctocream HC

The following are the ingredients of the Proctocream HC:

  • Hydrocortisone
  • Paraffin
  • glyceryl monostearate
  • stearyl alcohol
  • lactic acid
  • isopropyl palmitate

It is basically composed of the hydrocortisone which is about 2.5% in content. Each of this works their way to making this product effective.


In order to provide relief for any form of inflammation and signs of pruritic manifestation, this should be applied on the affected area on a daily basis as often as possible.

Possible Side Effects

If one is highly allergic to hydrocortisone, extreme care should be applied or one must seek the approval of your doctor. There might be adverse side effects such as burning and contact dermatitis once this will be applied.

How Much Is The Proctocream HC?

This topical steroid product Proctocream HC would cost around $24.99.


There has been no known sure guarantee that you are indeed buying with security for Proctocream HC. Once it will be found to be not effective on you, unfortunately you are faced with the burden of having to deal with it and not being able to return it on the account of not being too effective.


It is quite unfortunate that Proctocream HC only solves the problem when the symptoms of the said skin irritation would only occur.

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