Bold lettering and bright colors make up the exterior packaging of this cryogenic (cold application) hemorrhoid relief device. The design seems to match the claim quite well. The same bold letters that make up the brand also declare that this product eliminates hemorrhoids without the pain of surgery, all in the comfort of your own home. That’s quite a promise for such a small and simple device.

Although it seems good in theory, it makes you wonder if the cooling effect provides long term relief after having been “installed” or if the cooling benefits are short-lived.

Anuice- Medical Device For Hemorrhoids Ingredients

Nowhere on the web was there found a list of ingredients for this product. The only thing found regarding contents for Anuice is that it does not contain chemicals, drugs, nor other substances that may be absorbed by the users organs. Perhaps this seemed sufficient for them to keep their formula a secret, however customers deserve to know what is in the product they are using.


Recommended dosage is 2-3 applications per day, during four weeks. Without a list of ingredients, it is unsure if the dosage of this product will have any temporary or lasting side effects on the user.


This product appears to be purchasable in kits, the cheapest of which is $39.95. The kit is said to include: cryogenic device anuice, a container for frozen and stored hygienically, anuice device, a dropper bottle of lubricant 30 ml gel, instructions and recommendations for manual control of hemorrhoids.

Anuice- Medical Device For Hemorrhoids Guarantee

The website did not show a guarantee, however the product listing on Amazon states there is a 100% money back guarantee. If there is a time limit on this guarantee, there is no mention.


It’s difficult to say if this product is the cure-all it claims to be. Research into customer reviews is a tossup. There are slightly more positive reviews than there are negative, however, when you delve into the heart of these negative reviews, customers are going into much more details than those posting positive reviews. Many of these reviewers are saying that results are not as promised with either no change in condition or mild relief but no long term benefit. Others go to say the product gives temporary relief only and does not cure/shrink hemorrhoids. It seems any relief users might experience does not extend to inner hemorrhoids. Perhaps this is due to the cylinder shape on top of the base. The website claims there are three different applicators, but reviewers are saying these applicators are manufactured in one mold, as one piece, that is slightly smaller on top, and wider on bottom. Product results aside, it seems there is a problem with the sanitary container provided in the kit. The sanitary container for the freezeris insubstantial (not the medical grade they claim) plastic that is neither a container, nor sanitary, nor meant for anything other than the packaging of this item.

While Anuice seems to work for some, for the rest, the product and claim fall flat. The bottom line here, on both sides of the scale, is that this product is not the cure all it claims, but more of a product geared toward temporary relief. This product is not the miracle cure the company claims it is.

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