Pilepsole is indicated for the reparation of tissue damaged by hemorrhoids and anal fissures, and is marketed as an effective at home treatment option.

Claiming to shrink piles and provide relief from the pain and inflammation using all natural ingredients with no known side effects, it is deserving of some research.

Pilepsole Formula

None of the ingredients used in Pilepsole are published, so during our research we were unable to verify the claims made about the effectiveness or safety of the ingredients.


Aside from being unable to determine the ingredients used in the formula, there was also no dosage published to indicate how many of the capsules one dose consists of.


1 month’s worth  costs $87.42, and a 2 month supply costs $164.84, however no information was found during our research to indicate how many capsules are provided in a bottle.

Pilepsole Guarantee

Throughout our research, we were unable to find any honorable guarantee of any kind.


Pilepsole cannot be called a good or a bad product, as there is not enough verifiable information.

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