Rising LidaZone HC Cream is an anti-inflammatory product that is used to treat rectal inflammation such as hemorrhoids and any other inflammations that the doctor deemed to be in need of caring. It comes in a tube like container that is best for cream use. The packaging image of the product may vary that is why you should not be confused if it is different from the one that is advertised.

What Does The Product Claim To Do?

The product claims to treat any occurring or recurring rectal inflammation that is being a bother to your daily living. It can also be a cure for other kinds of inflammation as prescribed by the doctor. It targets the redness and the swelling thus making it settle down and change everything back to normal and or the way that it should be.

Ingredients Of Rising LidaZone HC Cream

  • This ingredient is responsible for the anesthetic effect or the numbness.
  • Hydrocortisone acetate. This component is responsible for the suppression of inflammation.


The amount that should be applied can be taken from the prescription of the doctor. Using the applicator stick, you must get a hold of the right amount that can cover the inflammation of your rectum. There is no indicated specific dosage for this product.

Possible Side Effects

There may be a temporary redness and swelling. Also, a burning and itching sensation can be felt for the first few days of application. However, if these side effects become persistent, then it is high time to consult and heed consultation from your attending physician. Irritation may also occur and other allergic reactions that are caused by the reaction of the products’ ingredients to your own body mechanism.

Will Rising LidaZone HC Cream Produce A Long Term Result?

Yes. The product claims to completely get rid of the inflammation as long as you use it on a regular basis.


The product costs 94usd which is quite expensive compared to other products.


There are no claims for any money back guarantee because the manufacturer is confident about the efficacy of Rising LidaZone HC Cream.

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