Calmol 4, a hemorrhoid treatment in the form of gentle and soothing suppositories, claims to provide a natural lubrication that counteracts the throbbing pain of swollen hemorrhoid tissues during bowel movements. These suppositories are contoured to a bulb shape in order to facilitate insertion and to make retention easier. It is however, important to keep them in a cool place as they tend to melt in temperatures above 80 degrees.

Calmol 4 Ingredients:

Active Ingredient:

Inactive Ingredients:

  • bismuth subgallate
  • glyceryl stearate
  • hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • methylparaben
  • propylparaben

Calmol 4 Dosage:

One suppository taken rectally up to six times daily or after every bowel movement.

Calmol 4 Price:

24 suppositories are available from 14.98 to 18.98 depending on which vendor you purchase from. Using up to six a day makes Calmol 4 one of the least affordable methods of treatment as each box is only a four day supply, and this treatment is ongoing.

Calmol 4 Guarantee:

This product is available with an unlimited warranty. An unused portion can be returned for any reason; however, limits are for one return per family or address.


While Calmol 4 is a great product and would be essential in use with other products that treat hemorrhoid pain slowly as a temporary relief, Calmol 4 does not offer any long term solutions to the treatment of your hemorrhoids.

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