The Piles Care Pack is indicated for the relief of hemorrhoid related symptoms, mostly the bleeding, swelling, itching and discomfort, while at the same time cleansing your system.




Piles Care Pack Ingredients

The Piles Care Pack contains the following obscure ingredients (as quoted from the manufacturers site):

  • Trephala : combination of three fruits, clense the stomach, detoxifies system.
  • Kacchnar: it is a type of bark that has anti-inflammatory actions, also useful in tumors, cancer, fibroid, and goiter?
  • Guggul: helps reduce inflammation and pain, and can cure some diseases. varun: type of bark used to cure piles, can also help with urinary track infection


There are a lot of tablets and liquids to take, with Kachnaar and Guggul being taken twice daily, Vara Churna taken as 1 tablespoon twice daily, Sanji Vati as 2 tablets three times daily, and the Piles Off capsules twice daily.


The Piles Care Pack weighs in at a whopping $146, which provides 6 bottles of the ingredients. This is much more expensive that the leading products.

Piles Care Pack Guarantee

A money back guarantee is stated, but throughout our research we were unable to find any means of having that guarantee honored.


The Piles Care Pack contains some very obscure ingredients, and throughout our research we were unable to find any medically sound documentation showing that the ingredients are effective for the purposes of treating Hemorrhoidal irritation.

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