Hemorrhoids may be very embarrassing and a case that should not ideally be discussed out in the open. However, there may be times that it can be downright distressing and it may also affect the way you live. A severe case of hemorrhoids would make you stress much on even the simplest of tasks, even sitting. Thus, it is best that you protect yourself from any possible infections that might arise from hemorrhoids. Fortunately, there is a solution to this. With the light in the development of medicine, one may be able to enjoy various forms of topical ointments and hydrocortisone creams that will help relieve such as condition. The Sebla Pharmaceuticals Inc., Analpram Advanced Kit is one of the best solutions that you can have for skin problems related to hemorrhoids.

Sebla Pharmaceuticals Inc. Analpram Ingredients

The main and key ingredient of this product is hydrocortisone and its function is to ease any discomfort brought about by hemorrhoids. This substance helps in the itching and any possible inflammation that may happen in the said affected areas. It also contains the following inactive ingredients:


One should have to clean the affected area first with warm water and soap. Now, the next thing is to apply a thin amount of Sebla Pharmaceuticals Inc. Analpram Advanced Kit on those affected areas and that it must be done so in order to relieve any discomfort.

Possible Side Effects

The side effects that may be brought about here would be itching and burning. If severe cases, it may also lead to severe forms of pruritis and dermatitis – that is though infection may possibly occur.

Sebla Pharmaceuticals Inc. Analpram Price

This product would cost around $39.55. But there are discounted rates for this so that one may be able to enjoy it at a much lower price.


Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee for this product.


Analpram can be called one of the bests in the market. Considering its positive reviews, one wouldn’t really doubt it. Still, there are also other products out there that you can consider.

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