Hemorrhoids Killer Pills are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. They are quick and effective at doing their job.

There are no chemical ingredients in Hemorrhoids Killer Pills. There are no known side effects with Hemorrhoids Killer Pills, this product is safe and natural.

Hemorrhoids Killer Pills eliminate intestinal heat and toxic materials and can stop bleeding, reduce swelling, alleviate pain and relieve prolapse of the rectum.

Hemorrhoids Killer Pills Formula

Hemorrhoids Killer Pills contains the following ingredients:

  • Herba Senecionis Scandentia- Is used in the temporary treatment of diarrhea.
  • Radix Notoginseng-Is sometimes used in the treatment of haematemesis, hemafecia, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis and other kinds of bleeding, with a better effect for bleeding with blood stasis. It can also help reduce swelling pain.
  • Rhizoma Imperatae-This herb is enters the blood system, and is known to clear heat in the blood system and also stop bleeding. It is also used in the clearing of stomach-heat to stop vomiting.


The recommended dosage for Hemorrhoids Killer Pills is: Half of a cap each time, 2 times each day.


Hemorrhoids Killer Pills does not come with any listed price.

Hemorrhoids Killer Pills Guarantee

Throughout the research we have done on Hemorrhoids Killer Pills, we have found that they have no guarantee.


While it is not a bad product formula wise, it does not contain enough ingredients that have been proven (clinically) to be effective.

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